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On How you can learn 'Coding for Kids', start your own coaching classes and gain financial independence

Kaizen Lessons presents a Masterclass guiding how you can gain financial independence by teaching a high in demand skill i.e ‘Coding classes for school kids’ & earn handsome parallel income by running your own coaching classes

Maninder Mann

Founder & CEO Kaizen Lessons
IIM Indore alumnus

his works also found at

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    What will you learn in the workshop?

    The skill what we are talking about here is CODING

    Coding for Kids has become 3,000 Crore opportunity in India in last 6 months.Great many teachers are getting benefitted by learning and teaching this new age skill.There are multiple career opportunities to be explored:

    ✓  Setting up your own coding academy
    ✓  Teaching coding in a school
    ✓  Working part time with a platform

    The workshop will take you through how you can chose one of these career options and start earning a second sustainable income

    Do I need to be an Engineer to teach coding?

    Definitely not.
    With the new age tools, anyone and learn coding in an intuitive and fun filled way. All you need is an open mind to learn a new skill

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      Benefits of becoming a TeachPreneur?

      1. Gain Financial Freedom
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      2.  Flexible working hours
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      3  Being your own Boss

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      4.  Unlimited Growth Prospects
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      5. Gain respect in society

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      6. Work from the comfort of your home
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        Why there is high demand for coding teachers?

        Why there is high demand for coding teachers?

        A lot of Startups are competing in coding for kids’ category because of which there is high demand of teachers who would be teaching kids online

        National education policy highlights the importance of coding & makes it mandatory for class 6th & beyond in schools. Because of this, there is going to be high demand for coding teachers

        Parents have realised the importance of coding for kids because of immense benefits it has for child’s development. Because of this, there is already a huge demand for coding teachers

        Schools have realised importance of coding & in many premium schools it is already being taught

        Package offered to teachers who learn coding

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          What you would gain from this Masterclass?

          Become a TeachPreneur having sustainable income

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            Who is this workshop for?

            Teachers who want to earn additional income by setting up their own coaching classes
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            Professionals who had to quit the job because of family commitments and want to earn additional income by working 1-2 hours a day
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            Women who are willing to spend 1-2 hours a day and want to earn respect and income by teaching children of their community
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            Freshers who are exploring a new career opportunity which has immense growth potential

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              Meet your trainer

              “Why should learning be different from what you end up doing ?”


              I am Maninder Singh Mann, a passionate teacher, an entrepreneur& father of 2 beautiful daughters.

              After doing my MBA from IIM Indore I worked for top MNCs & worked in senior management role but my heart belonged to education space where I felt I can create a greater impact & change lives of people.

              I quit my high paying job only to solve problems of education sector

              Today being CEO of Kaizen Lessons which is an Edtech company focusing on school kids I am also a faculty trainer in top colleges like IIM Amritsar, Thapar University, Chitkara University & Lovely professional university wherein I train senior faculty into latest education techniques & design technology tools used by premium campuses to deliver impactful education to their students

              I believe that while good teachers explain concepts in a detailed way, great teachers make the students think about those concepts and develop and understanding around it.

              At Kaizen Lessons, we have devised a methodology where we can train school students of today into new age skills like coding in a way that they develop logical thinking and Mathematical aptitude

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                Do You Know?

                75% of the high paying jobs of the future will be around Technology/Coding

                – World Economic Forum

                Stand Out from Crowd 

                Learning coding is a specialized skill & because right now, very few teachers know this skill, it is the best time to stand out from crowd & acquire the skill which is in high demand. 

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