Dec 12, 2020




Dec 19, 2020

Live Coding class schedule

Grade 3-5
Date- 11th & 12th December (Both Saturday and Sunday)
Timings: 5 PM – 6 PM
Link to the class – https://bit.ly/3nad7yc

Grade 6-9
Date- 11th & 12th December (Both Saturday and Sunday)

Timings: 630 PM – 730 PM
Link to the class – https://bit.ly/340JlUN

Prize Amount

Hackathon will be conducted from class 3rd- 9th

- A student has to make Two projects in span of two hours

Why Quizzing?


Kaizen Hackathon is a Coding competition to sensitize students in programming.

It’s a very unique competition unlike others where child just participate.

Here a Child will


  • Learn basics of coding in online classes from IIT/IIM alumni
  • Practice what is learnt in warm up exercises
  • Learn from peers
  • Participate in nail biting Hackathon
  • Win exciting prizes & goodies

There is no participation fee as the whole learning programme is sponsored by School


What’s there for your Child?


  • Chance for your Kid to compete among peers & win attractive awards for School
  • Opportunity for kid to learn basics of coding for free & put all that is learnt to practice
  • Participate & warm up in weekly quizzes conducted by us so as to prepare for Hackathon
  • Prizes worth Rs 46,000 for only Don Bosco students
  • Participation certificate for every participant
  • Opportunity to acquire 21st century skills such a Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking & Problem Solving

When should my child start learning coding?

Mark Zuckerberg learnt coding in Grade 8th & made Facebook when we was 19 in 2004.

But as world is changing rapidly & now coding for kids has become really easy which is just like Game so a Child can start as early as 1st standard but we recommend a student in India to learn from 3rd standard so that by the time kid start learning coding the foundation of English & Maths of a child is strong.

At Kaizen Lessons there are Students from class 3rd  to 10th  who are learning coding & making android applications & Games, So its better to start coding early as child is able to grasp better & develop the skills as brain of a child is fast learner as compared to adult & its always good to inculcate good learning habits at young age


  • Laptop with an internet connection is needed to attend coding classes & learn side by side
  • 2 Live classes would be held in which coding will be taught in fun filled way
  • Login IDs of pre recorded lectures would be shared during live class only
  • Join class at least 5 minutes before so that class starts on time and no time is wasted
  • In case of any doubts one can reach to Team of Kaizen for doubt resolution

Benefits of learning coding early

  • Programming helps children to develop problem solving skills which is demanded by Top companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, Adobe, Unilever & Mckinsey
  • Develops resilience among children i.e ability to bounce back from failures
  • Develops thinking & visualization ability as new coding challenges are provided
  • A child expand their creativity when they learn how to code
  • Coding helps children to learn how to have fun with Maths
  • Coding is now going to be part of school curriculum as per Ministry of HRD, so its better to develop a strong base before that
  • This Hackathon is only for students of Don Bosco Matriculation HR Sec School
  • Attending Coding classes online is pre requisite to participate in Hackathon
  • After completion of classes a Hackathon will be conducted on 19th of December
  • A student has to make two projects which are assigned in particular time frame ( to be communicated )
  • Only those projects would be evaluated which are submitted on time
  • You will get 2 projects to make
  • The projects will have to be submitted in a time window of 2 hours
  • Projects submitted outside this time window will not be evaluated
  • Maximum marks for one exercise are 10. If you complete the project as asked for, you will get 7 marks.
  • To get more than 7 marks, you will have to go beyond the ask of the assignment. This means that you are expected to add your own enhancements to make the project even better. For the enhancements, students will be evaluated basis both creative and technological aspects.
  • Winners will be announced two days after Hackathon


Striving for success

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