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The in-Demand Skill is ‘Coding for Kids’

This category has become a 3000 Crore market since lockdown , You can also have a piece of it by becoming a TeachPreneur ( Teacher + Entrepreneur)

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Maninder Mann

Founder & CEO Kaizen Lessons
IIM Indore alumnus

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Why there is high demand for coding teachers?

Why there is high demand for coding teachers?

50+ Edtech StartUps are in coding for kids space in India & they are earning revenues above 20 Crore per annum

A Coding for Kids startup was acquired for 2,100 Crores in 2020 only

10,000+ Teachers are working in such Edtech StartUps and earning a handsome parallel income

National Education Policy has made coding part of curriculum from class 6th & above

There is huge demand for Teachers who know ‘Coding for kids’ in School & are offered handsome packages in top private schools

But isn’t Coding for people having Technical background only?

NO, anyone can learn & teach coding. With new age platforms, block-based coding is taught to Kids which is very fun filled interactive platform. These platforms have made coding extremely simplified, institutive and fun filled to learn as well as teach.So, Yes you can learn coding very easily even if you have a Non-Technical background

Benefits of becoming a TeachPreneur?

1. Gain Financial Freedom

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2. Flexible working hours
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3  Being your own Boss
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4.  Unlimited Growth Prospects
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5. Gain respect in society
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6. Work from the comfort of your home
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